Professor Quentin Sattentau

Subject: Medicine and Biomedical Science

Department: Pathology

College appointment: Tutorial Fellow


I’m a Londoner who did a BSc in microbiology at Bristol University and a PhD at The Royal London Hospital Medical School, Whitechapel. After some postdoctoral time in London I moved to the laboratory of Richard Axel in New York, then to a tenured post in Marseille. Seven years later I returned to a Senior Lecturer post at Imperial College London, and in 2003 took up a lectureship in the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology and associated fellowship at Magdalen College. I live with my family on an island in the West Oxford floodplain.


My teaching to medical and biomedical science students covers aspects of infection and immunity, with emphasis on host-pathogen interactions and immune responses. I specialise in teaching HIV and AIDS to the FHS medical and biomedical sciences undergraduates and Immunology MSc students.

Research Interests

My research over the past 35 years has focussed primarily on cellular and molecular aspects of HIV-1 replication and pathogenesis. More recently we have harnessed chemistry to design vaccines to raise neutralizing antibodies to HIV-1. We are also interested more broadly in how immune responses are initiated, how this might inform vaccine design, and how this might lead to unwanted immune responses such as autoimmunity.

Selected Publications