Recognising your support

At Magdalen we recognise the importance of acknowledging the generous support of members and friends which enables the College to maintain its tradition of academic excellence.

In the annual Magdalen College Record we publish, where desired, the names of those who have made a gift to the College in that year.

In addition we have established the Benefactors’ Recognition Programme to thank our supporters and to celebrate the invaluable contribution they make to ensure the continuing success of the College.

The tiers of recognition as donors to Magdalen College are:

Magdalen’s Governing Body may also consider electing to a Waynflete Fellowship those who confer exceptional benefits on the College.

Waynflete Fellows

Dr Paul Beckwith (1979)

Mr Jesse Bhattal (1979)

Mrs Caroline Butt

Mr Stephen Butt (1969)

Mr Robert Campbell (1979)

Mr Antony Hichens (1956)

Mr Dusty Huscher (1978)

Mr Mark Loveday (1962)

Mr Frank Richardson (1962)

Mr Lief Rosenblatt (1974)

Mr Stephen Schwarzman


Late Waynflete Fellows

The Hon Mahlon Apgar (1965)

Professor Louis Cha (1993)

Mr John Mansfield (1958)

For more information, please contact

Sean Rainey
Director of Development
+44 (0)1865 286796