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These pages are of interest to current Magdalen students, staff, and visitors staying in Magdalen accommodation.

Students and Short Stay Visitors are required to sign a Summary Acceptance Form which relates to the Accommodation Licence Agreement, a copy of which can be found as Appendix F in the Information and Regulations for Members of the College publication in the dropdown box above.

Please fill in the Maintenance Request Form if you wish to report a problem.

Dinner can be booked on-line using the Upay Meal Booking System.

Tutors who are teaching Magdalen College students may request the use of a public teaching room during term-time (Weeks 1-8) using the online request form at Online booking request form (for bookings held during the Vacations please contact Magdalen’s Conference and Accommodation Office at Please note that online bookings are requests, not confirmed bookings.  After receipt of an online request confirmation of an actual booking will be sent to you by the Tutorial Administrators, who will have booked the sessions into the CABS system.  Please allow at least 24 hours’ notice in advance of the event.

Request for room bookings by clubs and societies associated with the college should be made using the following online request form here. Confirmation of reserved bookings will be sent to you by the Student Support Administrator. You are reminded that bookings are only finalised once permission has been given in person, at a Deans’ Hour. Therefore, please allow at least 48 hours between your request and the event.

Applications for external speakers require to submission of a Prevent Request Form.

Please fill in the Booking Request form if your club wishes to use the all-weather pitch.

Junior Members (undergraduate and graduate students) of the College may apply for partial reimbursement of books that are relevant to their course. The application should be made using the 2023-24 Book Grant application form.

Matthew Taylor Equipment Fund Grants are available to Clinical Medicine students. Download the application form here.

Undergraduates are required to obtain written permission from their subject tutors before taking on any major extracurricular commitment that might detract from their academic work. You can download the permission form here.

The Tutorial Board is prepared to consider applications from Junior Members of the College for assistance towards costs relating to travel and/or research. Download the application form here: 2023-24 Travel and/or Research Grant Form.

These grants are for internships undertaken during the Long Vacation which are not directly related to your course of study. Download the application form here: 2023-24 Summer Internship Grant Form.

Vacation Study Grants are available to all current undergraduates. Download the application form here.

It is important that we accurately record the contributions to outreach made by all members of the College, including events organised independently of the College Outreach Office.

Click here for more information and to complete the form.

The College has a small number of Fellows’ guest rooms which can be made available to members for their personal use. Please complete this enquiry form.

JLT Travel offer travel insurance for Fellows and staff.