Professor Peter Sullivan

Subject: Medicine and Biomedical Science

Department: Paediatrics



07825 335477

Academic Background

Clinical Tutor (Manchester) 1984 -1986; MRC Clinical Research Fellow (Cambridge) 1986-1988; Clinical Lecturer (London) 1989-1992; Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics (Hong Kong) 1992-1994 University Lecturer then Associate Professor in Paediatric Gastroenterology (Oxford) 1994-2019; Emeritus Professor in Paediatric Gastroenterology 2019-present.

I was Director of Teaching, Learning & Assessment in Paediatrics (2007-2019) responsible for development and presentation of Oxford’s undergraduate paediatric course. From 2011-2019, I was Director of Medical Education (Associate Medical Director) for Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust responsible for the quality assurance of the clinical training of junior doctors. Over this period, I was also Associate Dean (Postgraduate medicine) in the Medical Science Division at the University of Oxford.

I now have a portfolio career as a medico-legal expert in paediatric gastroenterology and hold consultancies with the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation and Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition.

Research Interests

The nutritional and gastrointestinal consequences of brain damage in infants and children and the neurocognitive effects in them of neurotrophic dietary supplementation.

Small intestinal structure and function in children with severe malnutrition and Environmental Enteric Dysfunction.

Selected Publications