Professor Stephen GoodwinBack to People

Subjects: Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Medicine
Department: Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics
College appointment: Tutorial Fellow
Phone: 01865 272454


Stephen was educated at Methodist College Belfast. He received his BSc, and PhD from the University of Glasgow. After his PhD, he had a Postdoctoral fellowship with Professor Jeff Hall at Brandeis University. At the end of 1999 Stephen returned to the UK as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow. He arrived in Oxford in 2009, where he is a Professor of Neurogenetics, and a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator in the Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour.


Neuroscience, Genetics, and Physiology. Courses: Medicine (First BM parts 1 & 2), Biomedical Sciences (BMS Yr 1 & 2), Biological Sciences (Yr1). FHS in Medical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences. Postgraduate taught: MSc in Neuroscience.

Research Interests

We are interested in the genetic, developmental, and neural mechanisms that underlie sex-specific behaviours.

Recent Publications 

  • Goodwin, S.F., and Hobert, O. (2021) Molecular mechanisms of sexually dimorphic nervous system patterning in flies and worm. Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology (in press).
  • Nojima, T., Rings, A., Allen, A.M., Otto, N., Verschut, T.A., Billeter, J-C., Neville, M.C., Goodwin, S.F. (2021) A sex-specific switch between visual and olfactory inputs underlies adaptive sex differences in behavior. Current Biology, 31, 1-17.
  • Chiu, H., Hoopfer, E.D., Coughlan, M.L. Pavlou, H.J., Goodwin, S.F., Anderson, D.J. (2021) A circuit logic for sexually shared and dimorphic aggressive behaviors in Drosophila. Cell, 184, 1-14.
  • Zhang, Y., Ng, R., Neville, M.C., Goodwin, S.F., Su, C-Y. (2020) Distinct roles and synergistic function of FruM isoforms in Drosophila olfactory receptor neurons. Cell Reports, 33, 108516.
  • Mezzera, C., Brotas, M., Gaspar, M., Pavlou, H.J., Goodwin, S.F., Vasconcelos, M.L. (2020) Ovipositor extrusion promotes the transition from courtship to copulation and signals female acceptance in Drosophila melanogaster. Current Biology, 30, 1-13. 
  • Allen, A.M., Neville, M.C., Treiber, C., Croset, V., Waddell, S., Goodwin, S.F. (2020) A single-cell transcriptomic atlas of the adult Drosophila ventral nerve cord eLife.54074.