Professor Jane GingrichBack to People

Subjects: Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Department: Politics and International Relations
College appointment: Tutorial Fellow


I hold a BA from Queen’s University, in Kingston Ontario and a MA and PhD from the University of California Berkeley.  Before joining Magdalen College, I taught at the University of Minnesota.

Undergraduate Teaching

I teach courses in comparative politics, political sociology, European politics, and social policy.

Research Interests

My main research interests involve comparative political economy and comparative social policy. In particular, I am interested in contemporary restructuring of the welfare state, and the politics of institutional change more broadly. I am currently working on a project examining how the introduction of market-oriented reforms in state services has altered citizen and group attitudes towards government.

Selected Publications

2016 – Jane Gingrich and Sara Watson. Privatizing Participation? The Impact of Private Welfare Provision on Democratic Accountability.” Politics and Society.

2015 – Jane Gingrich and Silja Häusermann. ‘The decline of the working-class vote, the reconfiguration of the welfare support coalition and consequences for the welfare state.’ Journal of European Social Policy.  25: 50-75.

2015 – Jane Gingrich. ‘Varying Costs to Change? Institutional Change in the Public Sector.’ Governance.  28, 1: 41-60.

2015 – Jane Gingrich. ‘Coalitions, Policies and Distribution: Esping-Andersen’s Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism.’  in Advances in Comparative-Historical Analysis.  Editors: James Mahoney and Kathleen Thelen. Cambridge University Press.

2015 – Ben Ansell and Jane Gingrich. ‘The dynamics of social investment: human capital, activation, and care.’  in The Politics of Advanced Capitalism.  Editors: Pablo Beramendi, Silja

2014 – Jane Gingrich. ‘Visibility, Values, and Voters: The Informational Role of the Welfare State.’ Journal of Politics.  76, 2: 565-580.

2014 – Ben Ansell and Jane Gingrich. ‘Sorting for schools: housing, education and inequality.’ Socio-Economic Review.  12, 2: 329-351.

2014 – Jane Gingrich . ‘Structuring the Vote, Welfare Institutions and Value Based Vote Choices.’  in How Welfare States Shape Democratic Publics.  Editors: Staffan Kumlin and Isabelle Stadelmann. Edwin Elgar.

2013 – Ben Ansell and Jane Gingrich. ‘A Tale of Two Trilemmas: Varieties of Higher Education and the Service Economy.’  in Political Economy of the Service Transition.  Editor: Anne Wren. Oxford University Press.

2012 – Jane Gingrich and Ben Ansell. ‘Preferences in Context Micro Preferences, Macro Contexts, and the Demand for Social Policy.’ Comparative Political Studies.  45, 12: 1624-1654

2011 – Making Markets in the Welfare State: The politics of varying market reforms. Cambridge University Press.

2011 – Co-Edited, Social Policy in the Smaller European Unions States.  Berghahn Books. With Gary Cohen, Ben Ansell and Robert Cox.