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Subjects: Classics, Classics (and Joint Honours), Classics and English, Classics and Modern Languages, Classics with Oriental Studies
Department: Classics
College appointment: Emeritus Fellow
Phone: 01865 276069


Educated in London (BA) and Cambridge (PhD), I taught at the University of Manchester and the Open University before coming to Magdalen in 2008.


I teach classical literature at both the College and the University. I am always keen to hear from people interested in studying Classics and related subjects at Magdalen.

Research Interests

I have research interests across Greek literature, and also work on cognitive approaches to Classics. My current book project is on notions of the present and the flow of time in Greek literature. I co-edit the Cognitive Classics website and Oxford University Press’s Cognitive Classics monograph series.

Selected Publications

  • ‘Metalepsis and readerly investment in fictional characters: reflections on apostrophic reading’, in S. Matzner and G. Trimble eds. Metalepsis: ancient texts, new perspectives (Oxford 2020) 59-78
  • Greek lyric: a selection (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics), Cambridge (2018)
  • Edited jointly with Thomas Phillips, Textual events: performance and the lyric in early Greece, Oxford 2018 (includes single-authored article ‘Lyric minds’)
  •  ‘Group minds in Classical Athens? Chorus and demos as case studies of collective cognition’, in D. Cairns et al. eds. The History of Distributed Cognition (Edinburgh 2018).
  •  ‘Performance, reperformance, pre-performance: the paradox of repeating the unique in Pindaric epinician and beyond’, in R. Hunter and A. Uhlig eds., Reperformance in ancient culture (Cambridge 2017) 42-62
  •  Jointly with Tim Power, ‘Another look at female choruses in Classical Athens’, Classical Antiquity 34 (2015) 252-95

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