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Subjects: Classics, Classics (and Joint Honours), Classics and English, Classics and Modern Languages, Classics with Oriental Studies
Department: Classics
College appointment: Tutorial Fellow
Phone: 01865 276069


Educated in London (BA) and Cambridge (PhD), I taught at the University of Manchester and the Open University before coming to Magdalen in 2008.


I teach classical literature at both the College and the University. I am always keen to hear from people interested in studying Classics and related subjects at Magdalen.

Research Interests

I have research interests in various areas of Greek literature, in particular tragedy and lyric. I have recently finished a “green-and-yellow commentary” on selections from Greek lyric, and am also working on cognitive approaches to Classics. I am a member of the Adults at Play(s) project at the Calleva Research Centre at Magdalen.

Selected Publications

  • Greek lyric: a selection (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics), Cambridge (2018)
  • Edited jointly with Thomas Phillips, Textual events: performance and the lyric in early Greece, Oxford 2018 (includes single-authored article ‘Lyric minds’)
  • ‘Group minds in Classical Athens? Chorus and demos as case studies of collective cognition’, forthcoming in D. Cairns et al. eds. The History of Distributed Cognition (Edinburgh 2018).
  • ‘Performance, reperformance, pre-performance: the paradox of repeating the unique in Pindaric epinician and beyond’, in R. Hunter and A. Uhlig eds., Reperformance in ancient culture (Cambridge 2017) 42-62
  • Jointly with Tim Power, ‘Another look at female choruses in Classical Athens’, Classical Antiquity 34 (2015) 252-95.
  • Jointly with Pauline LeVen, ‘Timotheus’ poetics of blending: a cognitive approach to the language of the New Music’, Classical Philology 109 (2014) 191-210.

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