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Subjects: Computer Science, Mathematics and Computer Science


Dr. Kroening was Professor in Computer Science in the University’s Department of Computer Science from 2008 until 2020. He is now a senior researcher at Amazon.

Research Interests

Dr. Kroening works on automated methods for reasoning about trained software components, and deep neural networks in particular.

Selected Publications

Edmund M. Clarke, Jr., Orna Grumberg, Daniel Kroening, Doron Peled, Helmut Veith: Model Checking, second edition, MIT Press, 2018.

Youcheng Sun, Min Wu, Wenjie Ruan, Xiaowei Huang, Marta Kwiatkowska, Daniel Kroening: Concolic testing for deep neural networks, Automated Software Engineering, 2018

Decision Procedures — an Algorithmic Point of View, Kroening, Daniel, Strichman, Ofer, Springer. 2008.