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Subjects: Mathematics (and Joint Honours)
Department: Mathematical Institute
College appointment: Waynflete Professor of Pure Mathematics


Ben Green grew up in Bristol and was educated at state schools there. He undertook his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Trinity College, Cambridge and was subsequently a Junior Research Fellow there from 2001-05. He was the Herchel Smith Professor of Pure Mathematics at Cambridge from 2006 until his move to Oxford in 2013. Green has held visiting positions at MIT, Harvard and UBC in Vancouver.


Ben Green is interested in several areas of pure mathematics. Much of his research lies at the interface of analysis, discrete mathematics and number theory, a particular interest being the application of the first two subjects to the third. He has also worked on topics in group theory and discrete geometry. His best known result is his joint work with Terence Tao, establishing that there are arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions of prime numbers.