Case Studies

Hannah McNicol

Name: Hannah McNicol

Subject: History and Politics.

Matriculation year: 2015

Why did you choose Oxford/Magdalen?

I chose Oxford because I was completing the I.B and thought I’d put in my application and give it a shot. In addition to being one of the top universities for humanities in the world it seemed like a really good goal to set my sights on throughout my final year of school.  Being an international student (Australian) it was also something that seemed exciting and different.

What do you like most about Magdalen?

Of course you can’t go past the buildings and beauty of Magdalen. As a historian I also love the history of Magdalen. Other benefits include the fact that it is a large college so you have a relatively large year level and opportunity to meet lots of people. I’ve also found that my some of my tutors are outstanding – they will push you but in doing so allow you to think in completely new ways.

What is involved in studying your subject?

For both History and Politics a lot of the work is reading, sourcing materials independently, writing and preparing yourself for tutorials. You will have 2-3 hours a week of tutorials, lectures and sometimes politics classes (along with the PPE-ists). There aren’t as many subject options in your first year for Politics but it is clear they are fundamental subjects for the rest of your politics course. On the other hand there is a range of History subjects to choose from so you can definitely follow your interests.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give an applicant?

Definitely try and show that you have a particular interest or are passionate about what you are studying. If there is a particular niche topic you love researching or reading about include it! Moreover it never hurts to show that you’ve thought about what subjects you would take if you were to get in. This shows that you’ve really thought about if this course is for you.

What do you like to do when you’re not studying?

When I’m not studying I am usually with hanging out with friends (there are lots of opportunities to  do fun things with friends like finding new places for lunch or going to a pub with friends), walking around Addison’s or getting involved with college activities. There are lots of sports and societies to get involved with. I play netball and tennis for the college.