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Subjects: Chemistry
Department: Chemistry
College appointment: Tutorial Fellow
Phone: 01865 286794


I read for a DPhil in Physical Chemistry at Magdalen 1992-96 after a first degree in Physics and Chemistry at Leeds University. I then worked as a NATO Postdoctoral Fellow in Boulder, Colorado with Professor David Nesbitt and as a Ramsay Memorial Fellow back in Oxford. I then held University Lectureships at the Universities of Warwick (1999-2006) and Cambridge (2006-08) before returning to Magdalen as Tutorial Fellow in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry. I am now Professor of Chemistry in the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory.


All aspects of physical and theoretical chemistry

Research Interests

I run a research group within the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory with research interests spanning gas-phase spectroscopy and dynamics and spin dynamics in protein systems. In particular, we use a combination of experimental and computational approaches to study the structure and chemical reactivity of isolated transition metal clusters as models of active sites on heterogeneous catalysts. In other projects we develop cavity-enhanced absorption techniques for the study of dynamical phenomena in condensed phase and at interfaces. Much of the latter work is aimed at identifying the chemical basis for magnetosensitivity in animals.

Selected Publications


Broadband Cavity-Enhanced Detection of Magnetic Field Effects in Chemical Models of a Cryptochrome Magnetoreceptor
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