Professor Laura Fortunato

Subject: Anthropology, Biology, Plant Sciences and Zoology, Human Sciences

Department: Anthropology

College appointment: Tutorial Fellow

Officer: Tutor for Equality and Diversity


I am an evolutionary anthropologist with training in both biology and anthropology, and with a strong commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship. My formal training includes a 5-year Laurea in biological sciences from the University of Padova (2003) and graduate degrees (MRes and PhD) in anthropology from University College London (2004 and 2009). Between 2010 and 2013 I held an Omidyar Fellowship at the Santa Fe Institute, an independent research centre that brings together scientists from across the natural, social, and historical sciences. I joined the University of Oxford in 2013, as University Lecturer in Evolutionary Anthropology and Tutorial Fellow at Magdalen College.


Human Sciences


My research aims to understand the evolution of human social and cultural behavior. Among other topics, I focus on questions relating to the evolution of kinship and marriage systems, culture, and social complexity.