Dr Enrico Emanuele Prodi

Subject: Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology

Department: Classics


I was born and grew up in Bologna where I first learnt Latin and Greek at school. After my BA (2007) I came to Oxford for an MPhil (2009) and DPhil (2014) at Merton College with a dissertation on the fragments of Pindar’s Prosodia (Conington Prize 2017). I was then a JRF at Christ Church (2012-2016) and a lecturer in Classics at Oriel (2014-2016), after which I moved to Venice for a Marie Curie Fellowship (2016-2018) on scholarship on archaic Greek iambus in antiquity. I returned to Oxford to be a lecturer in Greek and Latin language at Balliol (2018-2019) before I was elected to the lectureship in Greek literature at Magdalen in 2019.


I teach all the College-taught Greek literature papers for LitHum (Classics) and its joint schools, and the Faculty-taught Lyric Poetry paper. In past lives I have taught Greek and Latin language (syntax, translation, prose composition), metre, and reading classes on several authors, Greek and Latin. I have a habit of shoving papyrology into all sorts of subjects and I am thoroughly unrepentant about it.

Research interests

My main research interests are archaic and early classical Greek lyric; papyrology in the context of the history of the book and of ancient book culture; the study and transmission of earlier Greek literature in the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine world; and fifth-century Athenian tragedy. I have organised several conferences and seminar series relating to these topics. I have a minor obsession for titles. The book version of my doctoral dissertation is in the works.

Selected publications