Student Computing

During your time in Oxford you will be using computers a lot, whether it’s your own computer connected to Ethernet or a quick check of email in the computer rooms. Most students either buy a computer before they arrive or buy one when they get here, to help them with their studies. The College also has plenty of computers available in its student computer rooms, which are accessible 24 hours a day.

This section contains advice on student computing matters in Magdalen.


All students should get a email address. This is called a Nexus account and is provided by the University IT Services department.

All new students get a Nexus account automatically and should receive a letter from IT Services giving the username and an activation code. You need to activate your account by following the instructions on the letter.

The Nexus username is also used as an identifier for access to the Computer Rooms and Ethernet, so don’t lose the piece of paper from IT Services.

You should check your Nexus email every day. You can do this in the computer rooms, or from your own computer using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Further information on IT Services and how to use and access Nexus is available here.

Wi-Fi and Ethernet

The College has Wi-Fi and Ethernet access available in most accommodation and shared areas. More information about connecting to the network can be found here.

Computer Rooms

The college has computer facilities in the Longwall Library and a dedicated computer room in St Swithun’s quad, with Microsoft Office software, printing, scanning and other facilities.

Please ask the Porters for exact directions to these rooms. Access is via late-gate key and swipe card. If your swipe card does not enable you to access the room, please see the Student Support Administrator.

You have been given computer room accounts automatically. Initial login details are:

You will have to change the password to one of your choosing as soon as you login.

Note that even though Computer Room usernames are the same as Nexus usernames, the passwords are not the same. Don’t get the two confused! Ask the Lodge if you need directions to the computer rooms.