Prevent Risk Assessment

The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 includes a duty on many types of institutions, including universities, to “have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”. This is also known as the Prevent duty.  In fulfilling this duty, the College must have regard to statutory guidance issued by the Home Secretary:

The College is required to have arrangements in place for assessing the risks around particular events and speakers and for managing those risks, while protecting freedom of speech within the law and academic freedom. The Organiser1 must answer the following questions in order to assist the College in making this assessment in relation to your request.


1Organiser: the person making the arrangements for the event to take place, in terms of speakers, booking of facilities and publicity. Where these roles are shared the person arranging the speakers is deemed to be the Organiser.

Magdalen College Prevent Risk
Assessment Form

Magdalen College Prevent Risk Assessment Form

All fields are compulsory and must be completed. Complete a separate form for each speaker.


Does any of the information above give the Organiser any grounds to consider the Speaker might be involved in and going to speak on any of the following lines:

Support or encourage criminal behaviour?
Violent extremism?
Create an atmosphere conducive to terrorism?
Popularise views that terrorists could exploit?
Will there be gender segregation at the event?
Will there be speakers with the same opportunities (profile/time/facilities) at the event to provide opposing views?

Based on your answers to any of the above questions you may be asked to provide further information before the booking can be considered.