Classics and English

Classics and English make ideal literary partners as subjects for a joint degree. Quite simply, without the Classics, there would be (almost) no English literature.

The structure of this joint course reflects this symbiosis: it is a truly integrated degree. As well as choosing papers taken by Classics or by English students (e.g., specific periods or specific authors) you will also study themed options that combine Classical and English literature, such as Epic and Tragedy, which trace the respective genres from Homer to Milton and Walcott, and from Aeschylus to Shakespeare and Albee.

There are two versions of the course, depending on your previous experience of ancient languages. The course takes three years if you have already studied Greek and/or Latin to A-level standard, and you will take exams at the end of the first and the third year. If you arrive with neither Greek or Latin, you will choose one language to learn intensively in a further year at the beginning of the course. If you have one language to A-Level standard but not the other, you may choose whether to apply for the three year course (where you have the option to learn the second language later in the degree) or for the four year course (in which case you will learn the second language intensively from the start).

You will find further relevant information on the Classics and the English pages.