Mr Leonard-Petru Turica

Subject: Physics

Academic position: Lecturer I in Physics

Mr Turica is currently a Lecturer I in Physics and a  second-year DPhil student at the Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, in association with Culham Centre for Fusion Energy. He read Physics and obtained an MSc in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics at Magdalen College, and is now a student at University College.

Mr Turica teaches courses on special and general relativity, quantum mechanics, classical mechanics course on collisional plasma physics.

His PhD work concerns studying transport and micro-instabilities in edge-pedestals in H-mode operation of tokamak fusion devices, with a main focus on electrostatic turbulence in simplified fluid models. Other research work covers JET-ILW pedestals in a large-scale data-oriented analysis, where modelling approaches are used, with a particular emphasis on machine learning.