Dr Dusan Radojicic

Subject: Physics

Department: Physics

College appointment: Emeritus Fellow

I was Tutorial Fellow of Magdalen College and Oxford University Lecturer in Physics for thirty years (1968 – 1999). I retired in October 19999 at the statutory age of 67.

I held the College offices of Senior Tutor of Magdalen (1985–1987) and of Vice President (1997-1998). From 1986 to 1999 I was the senior Physics tutor at Magdalen and as such I organised teaching of the subject. My own direct contact teaching was in the fields of Nuclear Physics, Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, Electromagnetism and Optics.

During my retirement, I am continuing research in Particle Physics at Oxford and at CERN in Geneva.


I graduated in Physical Chemistry in October 1954 at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of the University of Belgrade. After one year of national military service, I managed to leave Yugoslavia in October 1956 to begin post-graduate studies in Physics at King’s College Cambridge. I took the Mathematical Tripos Part iii in 1957. Following this I became a research student in High Energy Physics at the Cavendish Laboratory. During the first two years at Cambridge, I was supported by private funds. However, I won the Clerk Maxwell Studentship at the Cavendish in 1958 and held it until I obtained my PhD and moved to Oxford in October 1960. My supervisor at Cambridge was Professor O.R. Frisch. He was a great scientist of international reputation and an inspiring teacher.

At Oxford, I was appointed “Research Officer” in the newly established Department of Nuclear Physics. I became a British subject early in 1963.

I held Particle Physics research appointments at Oxford (1960–1963) and at Brookhaven National Laboratory in the USA (1963–1967). The high point of my work at Brookhaven was the discovery of the particle Ω– in 1964.
I returned to Oxford in 1968 to a career of combined University and College teaching as well as research. My experimental work was with the facilities at CERN in Geneva : the Intersecting Storage Rings (ISR), BEBC bubble chamber and LEP (the electron – positron collider).


About 380 papers published in various Physics journals during the period 1959–2019. Six selected publications are listed below:

Correlations between Polarisation States of W Particles in the Reaction e- e+ -> W- W+ at LEP2 Energies 189-GeV – 209-GeV, Eur.Physics Journal C63 (2009) 611-62.

Search for one large extra dimension with the DELPHI detector at LEP, Eur.Phys.J. C60 (2009) 17-23.

Measurements of CP-conserving Trilinear Gauge Boson Couplings WWV (V = gamma, Z) in e+e- Collisions at LEP2, Eur.Phys.J. C66 (2010) 35-56.

Search for single top quark production via contact interactions at LEP2, Eur.Phys.J. C71 (2011) 1555.

A study of the b-quark fragmentation function with the DELPHI detector at LEP I and an averaged distribution obtained at the Z Pole, Eur.Phys.J. C71 (2011) 1557.

Electroweak Measurements in Electron-Positron Collisions at W-Boson-Pair Energies at LEP By ALEPH, DELPHI, L3, OPAL and LEP. Published by the Electroweak Working Group Collaborations (S. Schael et al.). Physics Reports 532, September 2013.