Classics with Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Classics with Asian and Middle Eastern Studies is a fascinating degree, which allows you to study the languages, literatures and cultures of Greece and Rome together with those of more or less closely related non-Western civilisation of your choice. Options include Sanskrit, Arabic and Egyptian; a full list is available here.

The degree takes four years. For the first two years you will follow the same course as those taking single-honours Classics. You will start work on your chosen non-Western language in your third year, and three of the eight options you study for you final exams will be concerned with that language and the literature in that language. The other five options are chosen from the range of papers available to single-honours Classics students.

Tuition for the Asian or Middle Eastern side is organised centrally by that Faculty. For further information on the Classics side of the degree see the Classics page.

Like straight Classics, Classics with Asian and Middle Eastern Studies can be studied without prior knowledge of any of the languages involved. However, it is important to realise that this is a language-heavy degree and will suit those who are strongly motivated by linguistic study.