Graduates at Magdalen are guaranteed housing in their first two years (clinical medical students will be housed in their first and third years), provided they have requested it by 1 June in their year of entry, following receipt of confirmation of their place.

Graduates live “outside walls” in the new and modernised complex at Holywell Ford, in 1 Rose Lane, Cowley Place, the Daubeny Building and other High Street or Longwall Street properties.

Graduate rooms are provided on 9 month continuous licence period from 1 October to 30 June, with the option to request residence in July, August and September. Graduate rooms are graded and the daily charges for the 9 month period, and the discounted rates for the Long Vacation, for the year 2019-20 these are unchanged from 2015-16 through subsidy for all from the Student Support Fund and from the College’s own resources, and are as follows:

Room Grade Oct 2019 – June 2020 Daily Rate Aug & Sept 2019 and July 2020 Daily Rate
H £15.00 £12.44
G £15.75 £13.07
F £16.87 £14.00
E £17.62 £14.62
D £18.58 £15.42
C £18.88 £15.68
B £21.00 £17.42
A £22.48 £18.65
Single Flat £23.23 £19.27


The 9 month continuous licence period is divided into three amounts for the purposes of charging. We are unable to offer relief for any days out of residence. Accommodation for the Long Vacation period must be requested in advance on forms issued during Trinity Term (or prior to arrival for courses that begin early).

Charges for all rooms include weekly cleaning, heating, lighting, power, Ethernet port and Wifi, telephone port, bed linen (changed weekly) and an in-room mini-refrigerator and represents outstanding value for money.

Details of charges for partnered flats may be obtained from the Accommodation Office in the Home Bursary. Please note that children and pets cannot be housed in College accommodation. Partnered flat rates do not include cleaning or bedding, which are the responsibilities of the occupants, but do include heating, lighting, power, Ethernet port and telephone port.

All students who wish to occupy College accommodation will be required to sign a ‘Licence to Occupy’ before keys will be issued for the room or flat. The Universities UK approved code of practice for student accommodation sets out basic standards for student accommodation in Higher Educations Institutions, including the Oxford Colleges. You can find out more information in the Accommodation Code of Practice on the Universities UK website.

Students with a Disability

There is one graduate single ensuite room with adapted facilities adjacent to an accessible kitchen in the Daubeny Building, opposite the main entrance of the College on the High Street. A second single non-ensuite room is located in Holywell Ford and suitable for a graduate with limited mobility. This room is adjacent to an accessible shower room and the ground floor kitchen in that staircase, with an accessible launderette nearby.

For more information on accessibility with the University, including departmental buildings, please read the Access Guide on the main University website.


Smoking is only permitted at seven designated smoking areas in the college grounds; the locations can be found on the Smoking Areas Map. Smoking is not permitted inside any of the buildings, cloisters, or elsewhere in the grounds. E-cigarettes and vaping may not be used in public rooms.


Eating together is central to College life at Magdalen. The kitchen staff are keen to cook food, as far as possible, to meet all students’ dietary needs. In addition to meat and fish options, there is always a cooked vegetarian option available at breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the day, the Old Kitchen Bar also serves a wide range of snacks so that students can choose whatever baguettes, salads, soup, jacket potatoes or cakes appeal. Information about the allergen content of prepared food is made available in advance. College is also able to provide meals for students who require vegan, allergen-free, kosher or halal food at formal hall – please just let the chefs know your needs in advance by emailing

Most students eat in Hall or the Old Kitchen Snack Bar once or twice a day, and cook the other meal or meals for themselves. Between £9 and £10 per day for three College meals is average, thus the cost of meals only for a 59-night term would be approximately £530; around £600 including the fixed charge. There are also kitchen facilities throughout College accommodation.

There is a termly fixed charge for catering. The 2019-20 rate for students living in College accommodation is £71.95 per term. The 2019-20 rate for students not living in College accommodation is £35.90 per term.

Students with a disability

The College has a lift to the dining hall with a capacity of 600kg. The OKB is level, going from the Cloisters, and has plenty of room for wheelchairs. It is regretted however that the riverside terrace is not accessible being down three steps.

Contact Information for Students with a Disability

The following nominated staff at Magdalen work with the Disability Advisory Service to coordinate advice and support for students with disabilities:

Disability Coordinator: Katie O’Connor 01865 276021

Disability Coordinator (Examination arrangements): Liz Howdill 01865 276113

Disability Lead: Mark Pobjoy 01865 286686


Information about the University’s Disability Advisory Service can be found here: