Dr Bethan Winter

Subject: Music

Department: Music

Academic position: Lecturer I in Music


Bethan holds an MPhil in Music from the University of Cambridge, and MA in History from UCL-SSEES, and recently completed her DPhil in History at the University of Oxford. Her main research interests include Cold War international relations and cultural diplomacy, particularly how small states use culture in their interactions on the world stage, as well as East-West relations, and the concept of Historical Acoustemology. Bethan teaches across music, history, and politics.


With a background in both music and history, my research is interdisciplinary in nature and focuses on classical music and politics in East Germany whilst the country was divided during the Cold War. I am also interested in sound studies, and particularly the concept of historical acoustemology; in a forthcoming publication I explore the idea of audio-experience in East Berlin through an analysis of the city’s soundscapes.




Politics and International Relations


‘Listening to East Berlin: Can a Soundscape be Socialist?’ in Marcus Colla and Paul Betts, Rethinking Socialist Spaces in the Twentieth Century, (Palgrave MacMillan, 2024).