Online talks by Magdalen Fellows

07 April 2020


Webinars, talks, and podcasts by Magdalen Fellows.

Professor Clare Harris
On her book about photography and Tibet – click here

Professor Harvey Whitehouse
Collection of talks and podcasts on rituals, religion, atheism, and identity – click here

Archaeology (for children)
Dr Alexy Karenowska (Physics)
Bite-sized films for children that bring the past to life – click here

The President, Professor Sir David Clary:
On Schrödinger and his equation – click here
On Schrödinger’s contribution to science as well as a look at the real chemistry infused into the worldwide phenomenon that has erupted from the Japanese manga series, “Full Metal Alchemist.” – click here
And the quantum theory of chemical reactions, below.

Classics/Literae Humaniores
Emeritus Fellow Professor Oliver Taplin
Collection of talks and podcasts on a variety of subject, the most recent one being on ‘Epic Performances from the Middle Ages into the Twenty-First Century’. – click here

Engineering Science
Professor Constantin Coussios
On how to start a business- click here

Experimental Psychology
Professor David Clark (Experimental Psychology)
“Thrive: how better psychological therapy provision transforms lives and saves money.” – click here

Emeritus Fellow Professor Robin Dunbar (Experimental Psychology)
Podcast on, amongst other things, how to better facilitate virtual meetings, and the importance of laughter in building strong, productive relationships.  Interviewed by Tracey Camillericlick here
Podcast entitled, What makes us human? — Being human in a digital context Robin Dunbar – click here

Fine Art
Professor Samson Kambalu
TED-talk on the culture of gift-giving in Malawi and his art – click here

Professor Jeremias Adams-Prassl
The Corona epidemic has brought the gig economy back into focus: what are the promise and perils for workers and consumers? In this lecture, Prof Jeremias Adams-Prassl revisits some of the predictions made in his prize-winning book Humans as a Service (OUP 2018), and explores key lessons for the future of work. – click here

Emeritus Fellow Professor Roger Heath-Brown
On prime numbers and their history, problems, and achievements. – click here

Medieval and Modern Languages (Spanish)
Professor Juan-Carlos Conde
Talk on Spanish Medieval Literature  – click here (please note that this talk is in Spanish)


Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics
Professor Gero Miesenboeck,  (Physiology)
TED-talk on re-engineering the brain – click here

Emeritus Fellow Professor John Stein (Medicine)
On the cause of dyslexia – click here
On creativity and dyslexia – click here
On dyslexia overlays: Using Coloured Lenses – click here
The brain basis of reading difficulties – click here