Magdalen Fellows’ Book Publications

02 December 2010

In the last year the Fellows of Magdalen have published a broad range of books. These include:

Dr Michael Allingham:  Italian translation of Choice Theory. A Very Short Introduction

Prof Laurence Brockliss:  Children and Violence in the Western Tradition

Dr Robert Douglas-Fairhurst:  Tennyson Among the Poets (ed) and London Labour and the London Poor (ed)

Prof Laurence Dreyfus:  Wagner and the Erotic Impulse

Prof Robin Dunbar:  How Many Friends Does One Person Need

Dr Christine Ferdinand:  An Accidental Masterpiece

Dr Toby Garfitt:  Jean Grenier

Prof Clive Holes:  Poetry and Politics in Contemporary Bedouin Society and Colloquial Arabic of the Gulf

Prof Sue Iversen: The Dopamine Handbook

Prof Martin McLoughlin: Italo Cavino The Complete Cosmicomics (tr), and Dante the Lyric and Ethical Poet. Dante lirico e etico (ed)

Dr Peter Sullivan:  Feeding and Nutrition in Children with Neurodevelopment Disabilities

Prof Oliver Taplin:  The Pronomos Vase and its Context

Prof Sir Guenter Treitel:  Benjamin’s Sale of Goods and Some Landmarks of Twentieth Century Contract Law

Dr Anna von der Goltz:  Hindenburg: Power, Myth, and the Rise of the Nazis