Professor Alison Etheridge FRS

Subject: Maths, Statistics

Department: Maths and Statistics

College appointment: Fellow by Special Election


Alison Etheridge completed her BA in Mathematics at New College in 1985. After a year as a research student in Oxford, she went to McGill as a Canadian Rhodes Scholars Foundation scholar before returning to New College in 1987 as Sir Christopher Cox Junior Fellow and Tutor for Women. Armed with an Oxford DPhil, she then worked in Cambridge, Edinburgh, UC Berkeley and QMUL before joining Magdalen as a Tutorial Fellow in mathematics in 1997. In 2012, she resigned her Tutorial Fellowship in order to take up a new position in the University, where she is a Professor of Probability. She remains associated to Magdalen as a Fellow by Special Election.

Research Interests

Alison started her research career as a student of David Edwards in the Oxford functional analysis group. She rapidly became interested in the interface between probability and analysis, where she was particularly attracted by the way in which probabilistic arguments could be employed to provide untuitively appealing proofs of abstract results.

While at McGill, she was drawn further into probability theory and began working on the mathematical objects now known as superprocesses. Although drawn to study superprocesses by their rich and beautiful mathematical structure, she sees them as having provided a first taste of modelling biological populations. Although her work is still highly mathematical, and much of it is still driven by mathematical beauty, most recently her central interest has been a collection of mathematical problems arising in theoretical population genetics.

Selected Publications

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