Other ways you can help

Magdalen seeks to involve alumni in a variety of ways. While financial support for the College’s fundraising priorities is vital, you may also be able to help by giving your time or practical assistance. This might include hosting or speaking at an event, giving careers advice to students and alumni or contributing to a College publication. Please see below for some of the opportunities we have for alumni to get involved, and let us know if you have any further suggestions

Are you happy to be added to our bank of alumni volunteers who are happy to be contacted by current or recent students for careers help and advice? Or are you a recent graduate seeking careers advice?

The Access Programme
Could you work with our Access & Outreach team to help raise the aspirations of disadvantaged school pupils?

Host an event
Do you have club membership or access to venues for alumni events, or would you be able to help us subsidise tickets for those who otherwise could not attend? If so , please get in touch.

College committees:

The Development and Alumni Relations Committee oversees the operation of the Development Office. This includes the review and management of fundraising for the College and alumni relations.

Current Membership

  • Ms Dinah Rose QC (President)
  • The Revd Professor Robert Gilbert(Vice-President)
  • Mr Yong Shen (Bursar and Fellow)
  • Mr Sean Rainey (Development Director)
  • Mr Simon Haslam, 1975 (Chair of the Development Trust)
  • Robert Leechman, 1976 (Development Trustee)
  • Barbara Domayne-Hayman, 1980 (Development Trustee)
  •  Professor Constantin Coussios (Fellow)
  • Professor Stuart MacKenzie (Fellow)
  • Mr Mark Williams (Fellow)
  • Mr Varun Chandra, 2003
  • Mr James Cronin, 1994

The Development Trust, which was set up in 1977, is responsible for assessing and monitoring the College’s development activities and for assisting the Development Office in fundraising. There are currently 21 Trustees, including the President, four Fellows and 16 old members. Four of the non-Fellow Trustees sit on the College’s Development and Alumni Relations Committee (DARC) and four old members sit on the Investment Committee, which enables external advice and views to be assessed.


  • The President, Ms Dinah Rose QC
  • Mr Yong Shen (Bursar and Fellow)
  • Mr Oscar Chow, 1993
  • Prof Robin Cleveland (Fellow)
  • Mr James Cronin, 1994
  • Mrs Emma Davies, 1995
  • Mrs Yoko Dochi, 1990
  • Dr Barbara Domayne-Hayman, 1980
  • Mr Simon Haslam, 1975 (Chairman of the Trust)
  • Lord Michael Jay, 1965
  • Mr Robert Leechman, 1976
  • Mr Thomas Meakin, 2008
  • Prof John Nightingale, 1978 (Fellow)
  • Mr Anthony Todd, 1979
  • Mr Paul Tosetti, 1977
  • Ms Felicity Toube QC, 1990
  • Mr Jonathan Turner, 1991

The Magdalen College Development Trust is a Registered Charity, No. 273 860.

The Investment Committee advises the College on the investment of its endowment, particularly on asset allocation and the selection and performance monitoring of managers. The Committee membership comprises a balance of senior members of the College and individuals, usually alumni, with extensive experience and expertise in financial investment as well as property development and management.

Current membership:

  • Jonathan Turner, 1991 (Chair)
  • Ms Dinah Rose QC (President)
  • Professor Andrew Smith (Vice-President)
  • Mr Rory Maw (Bursar and Fellow)
  • Jed Wrigley, 1985
  • Mr Dan Higgins, 1989
  • Mrs Emma Davies, 1995
  • Mr James Bristow, 1994
  • Mr Charles Plowden, 1980
  • Mr Gregor Bamert, 1992
  • Dr Jennifer Castle (Fellow)
  • Professor Jane Gingrich (Fellow)
  • Professor Nick Stargardt (Fellow)