The da Vinci Surgical System comes to Magdalen

06 March 2024

Medical students and recent graduates had a practical introduction to the da Vinci Surgical System at College this week. This surgical system is a robotic platform manufactured by Intuitive Surgical, who are based at the Oxford Science Park.

The system, renowned for its minimally invasive approach, is used in various procedures including prostatectomies, cardiac valve repairs, and gynaecologic surgeries. Last year, it was also used in the first ever fully robotic lung transplant.

The hands-on session allowed students to operate the system’s console and manipulate the robotic arms to perform tasks that require the smallest of instruments. Tasks throughout the day focused on refining students’ accuracy and dexterity by working with a simulated surgical procedure or small accuracy tests.

While the da Vinci System showcases advanced technology, it underscores the continued need for skilled human operators. The session provided students with practical insights into the integration of technology in surgical procedures, emphasising the collaborative role of technology and surgical expertise in improving patient care.