Oxford African & Caribbean Society return to Magdalen

06 April 2020

Magdalen welcomed back the Oxford African & Caribbean Society (ACS) earlier this year when they held their annual Offer Holders’ Day at College for the third time.

The Offer Holders’ Day is an opportunity to welcome students of Black African and Caribbean heritage to Oxford and to the ACS family, to provide them with subject specific revision tips, and to give them an insight into life as an Oxford undergraduate. It’s also an opportunity for students to get to know a little about the College, with lunch in Hall, a tour, and a chance to chat with our student ambassadors.

“Every year we host our annual ACS Offer Holders’ Day where we welcome prospective ACS members, who will hopefully be joining us next year, to the University,” explained Phoenix, ACS Senior Access & Outreach Officer.

“Throughout the day we give the students the opportunity to meet current ACS members as well as get to know their future peers and in doing so gain an appreciation of what life at Oxford is like.

“Such a programme is incredibly important because it instils confidence within those who are unsure about what Oxford is like and whether or not it has a place for them.

“We aim to show prospective students that Oxford is a place for everyone, of all walks of life, and is doing its best to ensure that its student body reflects this.

“It was really heartening to receive an email after the event from a student who said she had been worried about putting Oxford down as her firm choice, but that she has now decided to make Oxford number one!”

Phoenix and the ACS team were assisted in running the event by Eve, Magdalen’s JCR Access and Admissions Trustee, as well as a group of Magdalen student ambassadors.

Eve commented, “The day was focused on fun and it genuinely felt like people were establishing friendships and a community so that these offer holders would already have their own support network, even before getting to Oxford. It was the most personal outreach event I have been part of.

“I really enjoyed listening to the workshop where older ACS members gave advice, as they didn’t make an attempt to hide the fact that many of them will sometimes feel like a minority in Oxford in a way they’re perhaps not used to. They instead emphasised the opportunity to create their own role in a changing Oxford culture and to teach people who have less experience of diversity how capable and impressive they are, as well as the cultural hub the society itself provides.

“It was lovely, in particular, to see a couple of students there who had offers for Magdalen!”

We look forward to continuing our busy outreach calendar once College reopens.