New papers shed light on life of T.E. Lawrence mentor, D.G. Hogarth

24 January 2020

We are delighted to announce that the latest addition to the Magdalen College Archive is a collection of papers belonging to the archaeologist and mentor to T.E. Lawrence, David George Hogarth (Demy 1881-85, Fellow 1886-1927).

D.G. Hogarth enjoyed a long and varied career as an archaeologist, author, war correspondent, Fellow of Magdalen College, and Keeper of the Ashmolean.

During the First World War he worked for the Arab Bureau in Cairo alongside T.E. Lawrence, who as a young archaeologist had been a protégé of Hogarth’s.

Hogarth was an incredibly important figure in Lawrence’s life. Not only did he help secure a Demyship at Magdalen for Lawrence, he also worked with him to plan the Arab Revolt.

His papers include many personal diaries chronicling archaeological digs, war correspondence, and intelligence work during WWI, as well as letters to his wife and the explorer Gertrude Bell, press cuttings, and photographs.

The collection promises to shed new light both on Hogarth’s life and this fascinating period of history. The College is hoping to host a one-day conference later in the year at which his legacy can be explored and some highlights from this important collection can be shared.

The collection was donated by Hogarth’s granddaughter Caroline Barron, Emeritus Professor in History at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Former Archivist’s Assistant Ben Taylor will focus exclusively on cataloguing the collection over the next 12 months in his new role as Hogarth Project Archivist.

If you have any questions about the collection, please contact Hogarth Project Archivist, Ben Taylor (