New Calleva projects and events


03 May 2023

The Calleva Research Centre for Evolution and Human Science at Magdalen College has announced three new project awards, as well as three upcoming public events.


Magdalen Fellow Dr Jennifer Castle will be leading a multi-year project on climate change. Her project will use novel econometric techniques to model the effects and solutions of anthropogenic climate change. In doing so, it will help decision makers be confident that actions they undertake to tackle climate change will benefit the climate and put institutions on a path to net zero, including Magdalen College itself. Her project will also bring new research staff to the Calleva Centre in the form of two postdoctoral researchers and one DPhil student. 

Magdalen Fellow Dr Rachel Wheatley will be leading a one-year project on antibiotic resistance. Her project will combine next-generation genetic sequencing and an ecological approach to understand the microbial communities within which antibiotic-resistant bacteria evolve. This work will add nuance to the understanding of that evolution and how to avert the threat it poses to human health. 

Magdalen Visiting Fellow Dr Suzanne Schneider will be leading a two-day, Calleva-funded working group on the topic of ‘Risk reconsidered: Histories, theories, applications’. With scholars and practitioners from across the fields of healthcare, economic history, defence, science policy, political science, and philosophy, the workshop will consider cross-disciplinary perspectives on how risks are conceptualised, measured, and mitigated. 


4 May, 5.00–6.30pm: A Calleva Seminar will be given by Dr Jennifer Castle related to the new Centre-funded project, ‘Climate change: Effects and solutions’. The seminar will be given in the Magdalen Auditorium. Sign up for in-person or online attendance here.

1 June, 5.00–6.30pm: A Calleva Seminar will be given by Dr Adam Kenny related to the Centre-funded project, ‘Investigating the effect of network structure and dynamics on social behaviour in humans’. The seminar will be given in the Magdalen Auditorium. Sign up for in-person or online attendance here.

7 June, 4.30–6.00pm: Following her Calleva-funded working group, a public roundtable hosted by Dr Suzanne Schneider will be held at the Oxford Martin School. The speakers will be Charles Vincent (Oxford), Greta Krippner (University of Michigan), Émile P. Torres (Leibniz Universität Hannover), Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen (University of Copenhagen), and Andrew Stirling (University of Sussex). Sign up for in-person or online attendance here

New website and mailing list 

The Calleva Centre is launching a new website and a new mailing list for future events. More details about the Centre and its work, as well as the mailing list sign-up form, can be found on the new website.