Magdalen forms racial equality advisory group

24 July 2020

As part of Magdalen’s commitment to encouraging and celebrating diversity, the College has formed a new group tasked with increasing access and opportunities, supporting and representing current members, and increasing education around race.

The group is made up of key members of the College including the President, Senior Dean of Arts, and Tutor for Equality and Diversity, as well as the JCR and MCR Presidents and representatives for racial equality.

The formation of the advisory group followed recommendations made by the JCR and MCR.

“We presented a paper to the Governing Body, jointly with the JCR, highlighting how racial equality could be improved in College,” said MCR President Lucy Baehren.

“The paper included a number of suggested action points, prompted by thoughts from the MCR and JCR. The racial equality advisory group was created in response to this paper and will continue to meet and review the actions to ensure we are making progress on these matters. We are hopeful that this will give momentum to these important changes in College.

“Matters of equality are of utmost importance to the MCR, and we believe there is a lot more we can do at Magdalen.”

Rishika Sahgal the MCR Racial Equality Office said, “This is an incredibly important moment where we have the opportunity for change. I am immensely hopeful that we will seize this moment.

“Setting up the racial equality advisory group is an important means to ensure we make Magdalen an inclusive and racially just home for all its members.”

JCR President Daisy Jowers said, “As a JCR and a College, Magdalen has made significant steps towards increasing diversity and representation within our college in recent months.

“The changes approved in the last meeting of the Governing Body are only the beginning of this journey, and the advisory group which introduced them will continue to meet next year, with significant student representation.

“Whilst we recognise that there is more work to be done, we’re proud of the measures taken so far, and of the appetite for change within the College.”

The advisory group is currently exploring the implementation of several changes, many of which will be incorporated into the new College Strategy.