Magdalen College’s 18 August statement on A-level results

18 August 2020

Magdalen College is paying close attention to the current developments in the handling of A-level results. We are pleased that the inequities in the original process have been acknowledged. Magdalen’s President and President-Elect, along with Oxford’s other Heads of House and the Senior Management of the University are in detailed discussion as to how to proceed following the announcement by the Government on Monday 17th August that A-level grades will be awarded on the basis of teacher assessment. The College and the University need to consider how we can manage the increased number of students who have now satisfied their offer conditions, and the College will be putting out a statement once agreement with colleagues across the entire University has been reached. We appreciate that candidates and their families want this matter resolved quickly, but given the events of the past week we need to make sure that there is a considered and robust process in place.