Magdalen hosts event for prospective Law students

2nd September 2019

Participants from the 2019 Law at Magdalen Residential at an Interview Workshop with our Law tutors.

Magdalen recently hosted its first fully-funded residential access event for prospective undergraduate Law students.

The three day event named Law at Magdalen is designed to give an insight into studying Law at Oxford, as well as offering a chance to experience college life. It is targeted at year 12 students from backgrounds that are historically underrepresented at Oxford.

Two thirds of those who took part would be the first in their family to study at university, and just over a third are from the most deprived neighbourhoods in the UK. Half are from Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, and over half are female.

Magdalen Law tutors Professor Joe Sampson and Professor Katharine Grevling organised an intensive academic programme including sessions on Roman law, the admissibility of confessions, and the role of the law in a hypothetical society of angels. Over 96% of the participants described the academic programme as ‘excellent’.

“Our goal is to demystify both Law and Oxford for potential applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds,” said Professor Sampson. “It was a real privilege for us to help introduce our attendees to the study of law, and we were deeply impressed by their enthusiasm and appetite for knowledge. We’re already thinking about how to make the 2020 residential even better!”

On the final day participants took part in a personal statement workshop before witnessing a mock Oxford interview. By the end of the residential there had been a 30% reduction in the number of participants who were concerned about Oxford’s admissions process.

Many participants also commented on the benefits of being able to stay in student accommodation, experience a formal dinner, and chat with current Law students.

“Staying here for a couple of nights allowed me to get a feel of the atmosphere and remove the fear of ‘fitting in’,” remarked one participant. “I had a fantastic time,” added another, “and it has only made me more motivated and interested in the study of Law. It has made my mind up about applying to Magdalen to study Law.”

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