Books Published by Magdalen Fellows

25 November 2015

A reception was held on 24 November in the President’s Lodgings to celebrate the books published by Magdalen Fellows in the last two years. The following books were presented:

Dr Michael Allingham – Distributive Justice

Prof Giles Barr – Particle Physics in the LHC Era (to be published in 2016)

Prof Jessica Berenbeim – Art of Documentation: Documents and Visual Culture in Medieval England

Prof Marilyn Booth – Penguin’s Song;  The Long 1890s in Egypt;  Classes of Ladies of Cloistered Spaces

Prof David M Clark – Thrive: the power of evidence-based psychological therapies (UK and US versions)

Prof Robert Douglas-Fairhurst – The Story of Alice

Prof Robin Dunbar – Lucy to Language: The Benchmark Papers; Thinking Big: How the Evolution of Human Life Shaped the Evolution of the Human Mind; Online Social Networks: Human Cognitive Constraints in Facebook and Twitter Personal Graphs

Prof Paul Elbourne – Definite Descriptions

Mr John Fuller – Gravel in My Shoe

Prof Toby Garfitt – God’s Mirror

Revd Prof Robert Gilbert – MACPF/CDC Proteins – Agents of Defence, Attack and Invasion

Prof Clive Holes – Dialect, Culture, & Society in Eastern Arabia

Mr Bill Johnson – Look Back in Laughter. Oxford’s Post-War Golden Age;  How Long Will South Africa Survive? The Looming Crisis

Prof Martin McLaughlin – Authority, Innovation and Early Modern Epistemology

Prof Giuseppe Pezzini – Terence and the Verb ‘To Be’ in Latin

Prof Jeremias Prassl – The Concept of  the Employer;  EU Law in the Member States: Viking, Laval and Beyond;  The Autonomy of Labour Law

Prof Nick Stargardt – The German War (English & American editions)

Prof Oliver Taplin – Sophocles, Four Tragedies