Latest DVD additions

29 November 2006

Our DVD collection is one of the best in Oxford, offering around 3000 films from around the world. Films are kept in locked cupboards, so can only be borrowed when the library staff are in, on weekdays from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 2 to 5:30 during term (although Magdalen members can always phone/e-mail the library during our working hours and ask us to put a DVD on the “Awaiting Collection” trolley). DVDs can be borrowed by Magdalen members just like a normal book on the self-issue system, and external readers (after making an appointment via may borrow films by leaving a £15 deposit. Most DVD loans are for 2 days or from Thursday/Friday to Monday, but boxsets are loaned for a week.

Below is a list of the latest additions to our collection. All of our DVDs are catalogued onto SOLO, and if you click on a film name from the list below then it’ll take you to that film’s record on SOLO. If want us to buy a film for you, please e-mail

If you’re looking for more film suggestions, we also have all of the 10 foreign language films you need to see before you die.

TitleDirectorShelf mark
Codebreaker : the Alan Turing storyS. C. BeavanV BEA COD
Benjamin Britten : Peace and ConflictTony BrittenV BRI BEN
American IconsNick BroomfieldV BROOM AME
Battle For HadithaNick BroomfieldV BROOM BAT
The Early WorksNick BroomfieldV BROOM EAR
GhostsNick BroomfieldV BROOM GHO
Sarah Palin: You Betcha!Nick BroomfieldV BROOM SAR
Top of the LakeJane CampionV CAM TOP
The Fox And The HoundDisneyV DIS FOX
The Little SoldierJean-luc GoddardV GOD PET
Homeland : Season 1 V HOM v.1
Kuch Kuch Hota HaiKaran JoharV JOH KUC
No To PinochetLarrainV LAR NO
Million Dollar MermaidMervyn LeroyV LER MIL
Blockade ; Landscape ; RevueSergei LoznitsaV LOZ BLO
V Tumane = In The FogSergei LoznitsaV LOZ INT
Mein Glück = My JoySergei LoznitsaV LOZ MEI
The Great GatsbyBaz LuhrmannV LUH GRE
Ikarie XB-1Jindrich PolakV POL IKA
Bad TimingNicolas RoegV ROE BAD
The Man Who Fell To EarthNicolas RoegV ROE MAN
PerformanceNicolas RoegV ROE PER
PuffballNicolas RoegV ROE PUF
Shakespeare: The Animated Tales V SHA
HamletM. MundellV SHA HAM 2003
Taming Of The Screw (Shakespeare’s Globe)T. FrowV SHA TAM 2012
Twelfth Night (Shakespeare’s Globe)Tim CarrollV SHA TWE 2012
The Story Of Lover’s RockM ShabazzV SHAB STO
Yes Minister Series Two V YES