Funding your course

Prospective applicants are naturally anxious about the costs of a university education but a wide range of financial support is available, the level of which is dependent on your fee status and household income.

The details of the course fee for UK and the Republic of Ireland students and the financial support available can be found on the University’s Fees and funding web pages.

Oxford bursaries: around 25% of Oxford’s UK and Republic of Ireland undergraduate students receive an annual non-repayable Oxford bursary of between £1,020 and £4,080, depending on household income.

Crankstart Scholarships: From 2024-entry, all UK resident students commencing their first undergraduate degree with a household income of £32,500 or less will be invited to become Crankstart scholars and will receive a non-repayable bursary of up to £5,920 each year.

There is significant additional University support for UK care leavers and UK estranged students studying without family support. Magdalen also offers its own support for care-experienced students.

Potential applicants from outside the UK should look at the section of the website dedicated to international students.

Living costs

In addition to the course fee you will need to budget for living costs. These include your accommodation and food, and general living expenses such as books, clothes, travel, and socialising. An overview of the estimated living costs for an undergraduate at Oxford is available on the University website.

Financial support from Magdalen

Magdalen aims to ensure that if you are offered a place at the College, you should not be prevented from taking up that place or completing your studies for lack of funds.

We are able to offer a significant amount of financial support to students who are experiencing financial hardship, and this support comes from a number of sources.

Student Support Fund: Each year, at least a quarter of our students benefit from our generous Student Support Fund, helping to cover the day-to-day costs of living and studying in Oxford. For many students, having access to the Student Support Fund is vital to ensuring they can complete their studies without financial worries. The Student Support Fund is now assisting around 100 of our current students each year.

We also give a large number of Scholarships, Awards, and Prizes. These are awarded for academic excellence and range from £40 to £350. In addition, all Magdalen students are entitled to a substantial Travel/Research Grant if they wish to undertake travel which has a direct bearing on their course of study, and a Summer Internship Grant for projects not related to their course, thanks to the contributions of old members of the College. Finally, Magdalen awards its students a substantial amount in Vacation Study Grants every year.