Accommodation is available in single study bedrooms. Bedding, linen and small bath towels are provided and rooms serviced on weekdays. Rooms are equipped with a small refrigerator, and tea and coffee making facilities are provided.

Standard rooms have their own wash hand basin, and guests share bathrooms, showers and toilets located nearby, with a few other residents. A total of 160 standard rooms are available within the College walls.

Ensuite rooms have a private shower, toilet and wash hand basin. A total of 45 ensuite rooms are available inside College walls, with a further 20 very close by.

It may be possible to provide up to four twin-ensuite rooms, as part of the total number of single rooms provided, and depending on the needs of other conferences in residence.

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Example of a standard room
Example of a standard room
Most bedrooms have views of the quads and grounds of the College.