Accessibility Information

Disabled Visitors
Magdalen College welcomes visitors with disabilities and we do all we can to ensure that visitors are able to enjoy as much as possible of this magnificent College and its grounds.

The following information is provided primarily for tourists and other day visitors. Those applying to the College as a student should contact the Admissions Office prior to application, or in the case of a conference delegate, contact the organiser. We do however strongly recommend that you are accompanied by an able-bodied carer. The following advice is based on this assumption.

It is recommended that wheelchair and other disabled visitors who wish to be totally independent contact us before their visit on (01865) 276052. We can then give further specific advice to assist in making your visit as complete as possible within the environment of an historic building and grounds.

Suitably adapted disabled toilet facilities are available in 7 locations:

‘The Gothics’ near the Old Kitchen Bar on the east side of the Cloisters – 1 unisex.
The Auditorium – 1 unisex. This toilet is generally only available to those using the Auditorium.
Longwall Library – 1 unisex. This toilet is generally only available to those with access to this library.
St Swithun’s Quad, staircase VII – 1 unisex. This toilet can only be accessed with the assistance of a Member of College.
The Daubeny Building – 1 unisex. This toilet is generally only available to those using the Daubeny Building.
The Sports Pavilion – 1 unisex. This toilet is available to anyone using the sports ground.
The Senior Common Room – 1 unisex. This toilet is only available to those with access to the Senior Common Room.
In addition to the above there are five units of student accommodation that have accessible en-suite bathrooms for those resident at the College or attending a residential conference or summer school.

The Old Kitchen Bar is level going from the Cloisters and has plenty of room for wheelchairs. It is regretted however that the riverside terrace is not accessible being down three steps.

The Grounds
The quads of the College are all level going and though some areas are cobbled it is possible to manage a wheelchair. Addison’s Walk is a path and uneven in places and tree roots can also be an obstacle. There is no access on the eastern side of the Bat Willow Bridge.

The entrance to the College (the Porters’ Lodge on the High Street) is not suited to wheelchair users but there is a bell push to contact the porter who can open the adjacent gates to give access. Other entrances (which are normally locked) are better suited to wheelchairs and are usable by those who are accompanied by a Member of College.

The Chapel is level going and easily accessible by wheelchair. The Hall has a wheelchair lift for those attending meals. It is regretted that since there is no staff member available in the afternoons, this lift is not available for use by tourists.

The Longwall Library has a lift for disabled access.

The Summer Common Room has a lift on Cloisters III for disabled access. By prior arrangement, this can also be used for access to the Old Library.

Most other areas of the College, including some ground floor locations, are not suited to wheelchair access.

Wheelchair Availability
We have two wheelchairs available by prior arrangement but we are unable to provide attendants.

Guide assistance and support dogs are welcome. Though such dogs are highly trained it is important that they do not worry the deer when using the path past the park fence.

Hearing Impairment
The Chapel, Hall, Auditorium, Longwall Library and Sophia Sheppard Room are all fitted with an Induction Loop. It may be necessary to request that the system is used though in the Chapel it is normally on for major services. Any speakers in Hall and the Auditorium are normally amplified. Please check with the member of staff or the organiser of the event.

The Porters’ Lodge has a mobile Induction system for use by those speaking the porter. This could be used elsewhere in College for one to one conversations.

Car Parking
We regret that we are unable to offer parking for visitors, however a dropping off point is available. Those who are guests of a Member of the College should make arrangements through their host.