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A Radiant Last Judgement in Magdalen College Chapel

A History of the West Window across Four Centuries.

Lawrence in Fragments

Recovering Lawrence of Arabia through the Jeremy Wilson Archive

Plague! at Magdalen: Epidemics and College Life

Oxford epidemics of plague, but also of small pox, worms, cholera, typhoid, STDs, and diarrhoea

Marginalised histories: experiences of people of colour within Magdalen’s past

Exploring what fragmentary sources from the archives can tell us about the lives of students and staff. 

Lawrence at Magdalen: a research portal

This exhibition acts as a portal bringing together all our collections relating to T.E. Lawrence (1888-1935) and his world.

Women and Power? A Magdalen Story

This exhibition raises questions about how power has been gendered at Magdalen College, Oxford, over more than 560 years.


We open up the multiple dimensions of mobility, from movement to stillness, from the physical to the imaginary.

Magdalen Means Business: From Inspiration to Enterprise

Celebrating the wide-ranging entrepreneurial success of the Magdalen community, focusing on achievements of eight distinguished alumni.

Making History: Christian Cole, Alain Locke & Oscar Wilde at Oxford

They were bright. They were audacious. They were, without a doubt, exceptional.

The Flora & Fauna of Magdalen College

Magdalen is home to a hugely diverse variety of plants and animals – from the famous deer herd to the occasionally glimpsed wild birds inhabiting the college’s extensive park land.

Fragments of Note

Most of the music that survives from medieval England is preserved in fragments of manuscripts, scraps which have been cut from the original books and used for other purposes.

The Wolsey Manuscripts

Only half a decade before England broke with the Roman Catholic Church, two intensely beautiful liturgical manuscripts were made for the country’s leading cleric.