All-weather Pitch Request

If you are an officer of a college club at Magdalen you may request use of the all-weather pitch using the form below. You will receive a follow-up email from the Home Bursar’s Office in due course. Please ensure your request is made in good time and in normal office hours.

All-weather Pitch Request
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Read the Conditions and Click the Acknowledgement Below

This pitch is a joint venture between Magdalen College and Magdalen College School. The pitch is available to be booked by college members, for college teams to train and compete, on Monday and Friday afternoons from 2.30pm, and all day on Sundays. At all other times it is available for the School to use. Whilst it might be possible to find another time it is available for College use, this would be on an ad hoc basis and with not less than 2 working days’ notice via the Home Bursar, to allow time for the School to respond.

Those booking the pitch must be in attendance at the ground and must ensure all follow the following rules:

  •  Keys to be collected from and returned to the Lodge.
  • Pitch to be used only for hockey, lacrosse or 5-a-side football.
  • No food or drink to be taken onto the pitch.
  • Only members of College, the opposition side and supporters to be allowed into the enclosure. Spectators must stay behind the inner safety fence.
  • Changing rooms and toilets to be left locked at end of session.
  • Enclosure gates to be locked shut and the key returned to the Lodge on time and immediately on completion of a session.
  • Kit and equipment to be left only in the cupboard provided inside the building.
  • Any use of the first aid facilities or defibrillator to be reported to the College Nurse immediately afterwards.
  • No vehicles may be parked at the site.
  • Bicycles should be stored on the racks inside the enclosure.