Application for Filming, Photography, Sound Recording, or Broadcast at Magdalen College, Oxford


Thank you for enquiring about the use of Magdalen College for filming, photography (including for weddings), sound recording, or broadcast. Before we can consider your request please complete and submit the on-line application form. Please note that requests will not be considered unless this form has been received. Please give as much notice as possible; a form received with less than two weeks’ notice is unlikely to be successful even for small requests.

Magdalen is a college of the University of Oxford and there are people living and working here throughout the year, whether engaged in studying for a degree, teaching or research. This includes vacation periods; use of the College in term time is almost always not possible. All requests have to be considered against this background.

In general the College is open to proposals for filming, photography, sound recording, and broadcasts. We are aware of the historic context that is sometimes required for documentaries and the like, but we are also happy to look at proposals for feature films or stills photography for a range of purposes. However, we reserve the right to refuse a request without giving a reason.

There is no substitute for a visit to the College to be clear what it is that is required and where. We cannot accept requests that are vague on (for example) the exterior locations required within the grounds. Among the factors that have to be considered are the impact on the life of the College, how people move around and what other activities (including building maintenance) may be affected. A general ‘right to roam’ and to decide what space to use on the day is not permitted. If you are not familiar with the College grounds and buildings please visit – free access and a meeting can be provided if arranged in advance. If you wish to use a drone camera this must be stated from the outset and be accompanied by a copy of the operator’s CAA licence, though this does not guarantee we will approve the drone request. Drones may not be used at weddings in College.

The College may charge a location fee. There are costs involved in administering requests and in making the arrangements on the day of the shoot. A commercial charge is usually made and such income goes to support our students over and above our budgeted provision. Please note that the College does not give credit for location fees which will be invoiced in advance and must be paid before the (first) day of the shoot. Public Liability Insurance requirements are stated on the attached form and are not negotiable, a copy of the certificate of insurance must be submitted with the form.

If you have any queries please include them with the form.

Albie Ray
Home Bursar
Tel: 01865 276050

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