David Lewin (Modern Languages, 1983)

To all those who knew David, especially his beloved wife Sophie, his children, his extended family, those who were close to him during his childhood and schooldays, to his university friends all around Europe, to his colleagues in The City and worldwide and those who knew him well, or not so well, we are writing to tell you about the award being set up in his name, to cherish his memory and to provide bursaries to students at Magdalen College, Oxford, where David spent happy years in the 1980s.

David’s sudden death 10 years ago came as a great shock. Although time has abated some but not all of that shock, David’s family feel we should seek to look to the future in a way of which David, they are certain, would have approved.

But first, a few memories of David himself…for those imagining an archetypal English gentlemen, David ticked every conceivable box – tall, good looking, but not vain, always dressed as if for a country house party, draped in his Barbour, cut glass accent but not put on, impeccably mannered (expect no less from a Wykehamist) – a charmer, but not a schmoozer – expressing himself in many languages, and with the voice of an Angel that graced the College chapel during his years as a member of the Choir to boot. It is said that everyone is unique, but David was uniquely unique!

David could row too (for the College 1st Eight) bringing a muscular athleticism to the Isis dawn outings that few would have suspected having seen him in his Choir robe at Evensong the night before.

David was a serious person, but also warm hearted and fun loving, he lived life with a lightness of touch and optimism that was both endearing and infectious and he was more than capable of getting the job done. He adapted to different scenarios and places, always interested in finding out about other cultures and how other people thought and lived. David strove to make the world a better place—whilst it is poorer without him, upholding his memory through scholarship funding will help his values endure.

David was a devoted and loyal friend to many, who always greeted you as if you were the long lost companion he’d that very moment been searching for.

We hope to have given you an inkling of our friend David, that this is something he would have enthusiastically endorsed. The funds we raise will help the students of the future and allow David’s legacy to live on.

Thank you for your support/

David Lewin