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Subjects: Law
Department: Law
College appointment: Tutorial Fellow


I was educated at a grammar school in the Midlands and then studied at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. Before coming to Oxford, I taught law at Birmingham University and subsequently at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.


My teaching is concentrated on second year subjects, taken by all law students. Most of my teaching is in Land Law, though I also undertake some of the teaching for Trusts. These subjects employ  very similar concepts. In the third year, I teach on the Company Law option. This is an area central to the work of many practising lawyers.


My research has concentrated on Land Law in recent years, with a particular emphasis on registration of land interests. The major significance of land interests is that they bind later purchasers of the land. As no purchaser wants to be affected by unknown leases, rights of way or other claims, it is important that they can readily be discovered. It is largely for this reason that most land interests have to be registered. On the other hand, if a person has not registered an interest in their home, we do not always want to evict them. Much of my work is on this tension between the needs of purchasers and the legitimate demands of those who have not registered their interests.


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  • Property Law, 8th edition 2014 (Pearson)
  • Property Law: Cases and Materials, 6th edition 2015 (Pearson)
  • Introduction to Land Law, 3rd edition 2013 (Pearson)