Case Studies

Claire Holubowskyj


Name: Claire Holubowskyj

Subject: Archaeology and Anthropology

Matriculation Year: 2014

Why Oxford/Magdalen:

I’d heard about the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford which gave me the idea of studying Arch & Anth.  I also liked the look of my course and completely fell in love with the Ashmolean Museum (also in Oxford) which made me decide to apply.  Magdalen I chose because I wanted to study at a larger, central college with the resources to support me throughout my time there.

What I like most about Magdalen:

I love the sense of community among the extremely diverse people you get to meet here, how everyone’s always busy but make time for you regardless.

What’s involved in my subject:

While we have 8-10 hours of lectures and tutorials every week, with the odd practical handling class, my course mainly involves a lot of self-study, writing essays and reading to prepare for tutorials and seminars.  In first year we cover a wide-range of ‘core’ topics, before getting the opportunity to specialise for finals.

Advice for applicants:

I’d say to just be yourself: the tutors are interested in the real you, and there’s no need to exaggerate or fake interest.

What I do when I’m not studying:

I row for the college, and am on the committees of the Archaeological Society and our Commemoration Ball.  I also love relaxing with friends, making time to cook dinner as a group, having film nights and going punting (the best part of summer).