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Case Study
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Hannah McNicol

As a historian I love the history of Magdalen. Other benefits include the fact that it is a large college so you have a relatively large year level and opportunity to meet lots of people.

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There are over 13,000 Medieval deeds within Magdalen's archive, some dating back to the twelfth century.

Percentage of Magdalen undergraduates that are offered accommodation for their entire studies

array(18) { ["Batells"]=> string(90) "Termly bill for accommodation costs and any other costs incurred during the previous term." ["Buttery"]=> string(49) "The staff-assisted buffet-like food service area." ["Cuppers"]=> string(45) "Any inter-collegiate competition for a prize." ["Eights"]=> string(58) "Inter-collegiate rowing races held in Trinity Term." ["Encaenia"]=> string(68) "The University’s annual ceremony in celebration of academic life." ["Faculty"]=> string(70) "A University department administering the examination of each subject." ["Fellow"]=> string(93) "An academic member of the College who normally also has an appointment within the University." ["Gaudy"]=> string(85) "Dinner held for past students who are typically invited by Matriculation year." ["Greats"]=> string(54) "The final examinations for the Classics degree course." ["Hilary"]=> string(52) "Spring term, running from mid- January to mid-March." ["Matriculation"]=> string(71) "Ceremony which formally admits a student as a member of the University." ["Michaelmas"]=> string(58) "Winter term, running from early October to early December." ["Mods"]=> string(86) "Short for Moderations which are the first public examinations sat by an undergraduate." ["Noughth week"]=> string(46) "The week before the first week of term." ["Rustication"]=> string(80) "Temporary expulsion from the University." ["Sub fusc "]=> string(130) "Refers to the formal clothing worn by students for examinations or other formal occasions." ["Torpids"]=> string(57) "Inter-collegiate rowing races held in Hilary Term." ["Trinity"]=> string(50) "Summer term, running from late April to late June." }

14th April
9th April
His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
25th March
Programme to find next generation of leaders in second year
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