Professor Mike Macnair

Subject: Law

Department: Law

Academic position: Stipendiary Lecturer in Law

Mike Macnair studied at Magdalen in 1972-75 and 1980-82, and has recently retired from full-time teaching at various other places, most recently St Hugh’s College. He teaches Roman Introduction to Private Law. A couple of recent publications:

‘The Case of the Careless Purchaser, or “Bonitary Ownership” and Ownership’ in Joe Sampson and Ben Spagnolo ed. Principle and Pragmatism in Roman Law (Oxford: Hart, 2020) pp. 37-56

‘Eighteenth Century Antecedents and Rivals of Blackstone’s Institutionalism’ in Robin Darwall-Smith  & Peregrine Horden (ed.) History of Universities: Volume XXXV / 1: The Unloved Century: Georgian Oxford Reassessed (2022) pp134-160