Miss Qian Xiao

Subject: Engineering

Academic position: Lecturer I in Engineering Science



Miss Qian Xiao is a fourth-year Dphil in a research group based in Oxford Department of Engineering. She completed her undergraduate degree and academic master in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering in 2017 and 2020. She then gained fellowship and research assistantship from Mechanical Engineering department at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). After conducting several months of research, she joined Oxford in 2020.


First year: Statics, Materials and Solid mechanics, thermodynamics.

Second year: Elastic Analysis of Structures, Mechanical vibrations,Mechanical of Materials, Applied fluid mechanics, thermodynamics.

Research Interest

Miss Qian Xiao’s main research interest is fluid and structure mechanics. She works on the study of statics and vibration analysis of floating structures, wave dynamics, wave-body interactions and computational fluid dynamics. In particular, she now works on the drift induced by surface gravity waves in the ocean and investigate the turbulence effects of bluff body on its drift behaviour.

Selected Publications

Xiao Q., Yan S. Q., Adcock T. A. A., van den Bremer T. S. (2023). Vorticity and turbulent effects on mean drift of bluff bodies. Applied Ocean Research. (In preparation)

Xiao Q., McAllister M., Adcock T. A. A., van den Bremer T. S. (2023). Experiment study on wave-induced drift of floating objects with finite size. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. (Ready to submit)

Eeltink D., Calvert R., Swagemakers J.E., Xiao Q., van den Bremer T. S. (2023). Stochastic particle transport by deep-water irregular breraking waves. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. (Accepted)

Xiao Q., Calvert R., Yan S. Q., Adcock T. A. A., van den Bremer T. S. (2022). Wave-induced drift of floating objects in the diffraction regime. Journal of Fluid Mechanics. (Under review)

Xiao Q., Zhou W. J., & Zhu R. C. (2020). Effects of wave-field nonlinearity on motions of ship advancing in irregular waves using HOS method. Ocean Engineering, 199, 106947.

Xiao Q., Zhu R. C., Huang S., & Wang X. J. (2020). On ship motion responses in nonlinear focusing waves based on HOS method. Ship Building of China. Ship Building of China, 61(1), 50-59.

Xiao, Q., Zhu, R. C., & Huang, S. (2019). Hybrid time-domain model for ship motions in nonlinear extreme waves using HOS method. Ocean Engineering, 192, 106554.

Xiao Q., Zhu R. C. (2019). Static and Free Vibration Analysis of Stiffened Plates by ES-FEM with Triangular Element. Ship Building of China, 60(2), 13-28.