Chiaki Buckley

Department: Tutorial Office

College appointment: Tutorial Administrator



01865 276064


Financial translator at a number of international investment banks in Tokyo and in London and then Intellectual Property Coordinator at Sharp Laboratories of Europe, Ltd for over 10 years.

 Role in the College

I work part-time (two days a week, every Thursday and Friday) giving support to the Academic Administrator and Senior Tutor. Primarily my role covers:
• administration of the tutorial system, primarily through TMS
• undertaking right to work checks of students employed as Graduate tutors, Graduate invigilators, Undergraduate Admissions helpers and Open Day helpers
• monitoring the hours of work of visa-holding graduates employed by the College
• room bookings for academic purposes during term time
• co-ordination of vacation study grant applications and claims from undergraduates
• administration related to academic reporting of graduates on GSR and overseeing the College Adviser system
• monitoring attendance of overseas undergraduates
• administration of Freshers’ paperwork
• organisation of Freshers’ dinners, Tuesday night dinners at High Table for new graduates and the Tutor for Graduates’ summer garden party.