Magdalen welcomed over 6000 Open Day visitors this year

21st October 2019


This year’s undergraduate Open Days had the highest attendance on record, with over 6000 prospective students and parents/carers visiting Magdalen.

The University-wide Open Days take place each year across two days in June/July and one day in September. Alongside a range of targeted outreach activities that take place throughout the year, the Open Days give large numbers of prospective students the opportunity to explore colleges, departments and the city.


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This year, Magdalen tutors and student ambassadors welcomed 4462 visitors in July and 1616 in September.

A new programme of events was launched for the September Open Day, involving a student life talk, a demonstration interview, an admissions Q&A with tutors, and student-led tours throughout the day.

“The student life talk was a great opportunity for prospective students to voice common questions and concerns about college life,” said JCR Access and Admissions Trustee Sarah Rosson who ran the talk. “And for current students to bust myths about the Oxford experience.”

Tutors representing History, Law, Music, English, Experimental Psychology, and Medicine/Biomedical Sciences/Biochemistry also spoke in a panel discussion about the admissions process and how it works in different subject areas.

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In the afternoon, a demonstration interview was led by Special Lecturer in Politics, Dr Matthias Dilling. Dr Dilling interviewed Adam, a first-year undergraduate, on the subject of right-wing populism in Europe. This helped to demystify the interview process for prospective applicants by showing them the types of questions one might encounter in an Oxford interview.

“I really enjoyed taking part in the demonstration interview,” said Dr Dilling. “Adam did a great job and we did our best to answer questions from the audience about how the process works, and how best to prepare.”

The 2019 Open Days also saw the launch of Magdalen’s new Travel Expenses Reimbursement Scheme, generously supported by a Magdalen alumna via the Prospero World Trust. This scheme helps to support the costs of travel for prospective students who would otherwise be unable to attend. It also helps our outreach team to support transport costs for schools/colleges from our link regions who visit College throughout the year.

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For more details about Magdalen’s wide range of outreach and access activities, get in contact with the Access and Outreach team.

The 2020 Open Days will be on 1 July, 2 July, and 18 September.