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Department: Mathematics
College appointment: Fellow by Examination


Thomas Prince came to Magdalen in September 2017 as a Fellow by Examination in Mathematics. Thomas received his PhD from Imperial College London in December 2016, having completed an undergraduate degree in Mathematics at Trinity College, Cambridge. His research focuses on various classification problems in algebraic geometry, often via techniques inspired by recent advances in mathematical physics.


Thomas’ research centres on connections between Mirror Symmetry, a new field in mathematics connected to String Theory, and the fields of algebraic and symplectic geometry. In particular he is interested in applying ideas from Mirror Symmetry to classification problems in algebraic geometry and to construction problems in symplectic topology.

His research interests span aspects of birational geometry, symplectic topology, Mirror Symmetry, toric geometry and the combinatorics of polytopes.


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  • M. Akhtar, T. Coates A. Corti, L. Heuberger, A. Kasprzyk, A. Oneto, A. Petracci, T. Prince, K. Tveiten (2015) Mirror Symmetry and the Classification of Orbifold del Pezzo Surfaces. ‎Proc. Am. Math. Soc.
  • A. Kaspryzk, B. Nill, T. Prince (2016) Minimality and Mutation-Equivalence of Polygons. SIGMA, Symmetry Integrability Geom.