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Department: Law
Academic position: Lecturer II in Law


I hold a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in accounting) from the University of Queensland. Following this, I read for the Bachelor of Civil Law at Magdalen College, Oxford. Currently, I am reading for a DPhil in Law at Magdalen College.

Prior to joining Magdalen, I was a solicitor at an international law firm where I specialised in dispute resolution, and an Associate to the Honourable Justice James Edelman at the High Court of Australia.


Within College, I offer tutorials on Contract Law. I also teach trusts, land, and tort for other colleges. On the BCL/MJur, I teach Commercial Remedies and offer tutorials in Restitution of Unjust Enrichment.

Research Interests

My research interests are in the law of obligations, particularly contract, unjust enrichment, and the law of tracing. My doctoral research focuses on the discharge of contractual obligations. I am also, with a colleague, preparing a text on the law of tracing.

Selected Publications

  • Jordan English, ‘The Nature of Promissory Conditions’ (2021) The Law Quarterly Review (forthcoming)
  • Jordan English & Mohammud Jaamae Hafeez-Baig, The Law of Tracing (Federation Press, 2021) (forthcoming)
  • Mohammud Jaamae Hafeez-Baig & Jordan English, ‘Common Law Tracing: The Emperor’s New Clothes?’ (2018) 12 Journal of Equity 260